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Have you been involved in an accident? For most people this can be a very stressful event, but don’t worry, the process of repair using the skill and expertise of the team at Autocraft Telford could not be simpler…
Whether your insurance company has referred you to us or you have decided to use our services, there are just a few simple steps to ensure your vehicle is returned to you in perfect safe condition in the minimum of time.
Firstly, depending on the age, extent of the damage and the insurance company, we will collect your vehicle to perform an estimate of the work by our experienced and most importantly, qualified estimators. We also offer the service of ‘Mobile Vehicle Damage Assessment’ in the event of you requiring this either at your home or place of work. The assessment is created using computerised systems which will send all details, including images, direct to your insurance company or fleet management company.

Your insurance company will authorise us to commence repairs, usually within 36 – 48 hours. In some circumstances the estimated cost of repairs may be very near to the market value of the vehicle. In this event, the insurance company may opt to send one of their field engineers to assess the vehicle. We have arrangements with some companies that allow us to commence repair without authority, however, in the event of your insurance company not allowing us to do this, there may be a short delay in booking the vehicle for repair. If your vehicle is already on site during this delay, it is safely secured until authority is obtained.
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Once your insurance company has granted authority for the repair, we will schedule the repair and order any parts that may be required. There may be occasions when specialist parts are only available direct from the manufacturer. In the event of this being the case our software management system will take this into account at the time of scheduling the repair. If you have any special requirements around the repair date i.e. holiday or other commitments, please inform us at the time of booking in. If your policy provides for a ‘courtesy car’ whilst your car is being repaired, this will be arranged at the time of booking.
On the day of the commencement of your repair, if your car is driveable, you will bring it to Autocraft Telford front office reception to complete the relevant paperwork, insurance, driving licence etc. to enable the provision of the courtesy car. The repair process is then commenced and you will be given a completion date. In the very unlikely event of this being extended, due to discovery of further damage at time of stripping the car or maybe parts delay, you will be notified by our staff and of course, you will retain use of our courtesy car.

On the agreed date of completion, you will be contacted by our customer service team to arrange a time for collection. Upon return we request that you sign a collection note to confirm that you have received the vehicle back in to your care and the payment of any charges i.e. excess.
All repairs to your vehicle are covered by Autocraft Telford's guarantees and you can rest assured that all work is protected by the BSI Kitemark (PAS:125) accreditation. Contact us about your insurance claim today.
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