Non-Fault Accidents

Having a car accident can be extremely traumatic and distressing and when you didn't cause the accident the last thing you need is to be penalised for something that wasn't your fault. Whether it was someone bumping into the back of you in a queue of traffic or a vehicle pulling out in front of you at a roundabout, regardless of potential personal injury, you’re going to lose your car while it’s being repaired.

Why You Don’t Need To Call Your Insurers

Normally, the first thing people do in this situation is call their insurance company and the incident will end up being treated as a claim. However, you don’t need to do this. Autocraft Telford will arrange all the administration work in dealing with the insurance work on your behalf. Plus, because the claim is not handled by your insurer the incident should not affect your renewal premiums.
If necessary, you’ll be provided with a courtesy car paid for by the other vehicle owner’s insurers – and not the smallest one available. While your car is being repaired your temporary replacement vehicle should be of equal size and quality of your damaged car.
Got An Insurance Claim?
Damaged rear of a car
Damaged front of a car

You Choose Who Does The Repair

You can then choose who you would like to perform the repair work on your damaged vehicle – there is no obligation to use the company the insurer recommends. If you choose to bring your vehicle to Autocraft Telford, you can be assured of a high quality and swift repair.
Your car will be repaired to our high quality standards that are accredited to British Standards Kitemark for vehicle body repairs. The whole process won’t cost you a single penny.
Body Shop Facilities
If you have been involved in a non-fault accident, contact Autocraft Telford and we’ll manage all aspects of the insurance claim, including the provision of a courtesy car to get you back on the road as soon as possible.
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